Get instant points back for every dollar you spend when you sign up for our rewards program!

HOW TO SIGN UP: Looking at the website, you will see a red icon in the bottom right corner that says "rewards". When you click on the icon, there will be a side bar that pops up with information regarding our rewards program. From there, you will click on the button that says "Join Now". Follow the steps to register! Make sure when you make any purchases on our website, you are signed into your account and the points will be added to your rewards! 

WAYS TO REDEEM POINTS: For every dollar you spend on our website, you will receive 10 points so if you spend $30 dollars, you will receive 300 points on your your registered account.

REWARDS POINTS CONVERSION: 200 POINTS = $1! If you place a $50 order with us that will give you $5 back in rewards on your account for future orders! This allows you to save up your rewards points to redeem on products store wide!

DISCLAIMER* Any orders made on our website without a rewards account and/or signed into said rewards account, will not be able to get reimbursed for rewards credits at any point in time. We do not have access to manually give points back for any orders that are not signed in during checkout.